At Nexus Point Pictures, we create impactful video campaigns that bring together diverse communities. Our projects are often commissioned by NGOs, local councils, community groups, and Indigenous organizations.


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What positive social change can a Basketball program bring to Aboriginal Communities? 

Shooting Hoops is the inspiring true story of gifted young Aboriginal basketballers who are breaking out of life's limitations and pursuing a dream of  breaking into the BIG time of professional sport, but could the 'Search for a way out really be a way back in? As they rediscover connection to culture and community in the journey of a lifetime. 


Nexus Point Pictures partnered with the Town of Victoria Park's, Aboriginal Engagement Strategy Group to showcase what the Perth-based council is doing to support reconciliation in their local shire.

To celebrate the NAIDOC theme ‚ÄėOur Languages¬†Matter' we produced this story¬†sharing how¬† the resurgence of 'language' and 'connection to culture' is supported¬†by Aboriginal Elders, the Community, Schools; and is being embraced by younger generations in the town.

“I just want to pass on my sincere and deep appreciation for your great work in the planning and production of our 2017 NAIDOC Video on behalf of the Town’s Aboriginal Engagement Strategy Group. 

The transitions, editing, visuals, quality and insights in the finished product is amazing!  Your empathy, keen ear and eye are extraordinary, and so aptly demonstrates your willingness to listen to our needs and to ensure an outstanding message produced with integrity."

This short film shares the journey of the staff and community in the Town of Victoria Park as they create their first Reconciliation Action Plan or RAP.

They were guided on this process by the Victoria Park Aboriginal Engagement Strategy Group on a journey of reconciliation.

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Agenda Surf Co has a humble beginning. Born from a love of the ocean and with 20 years of surf retail experience, we exist to create that perfect board and to share our passion with you and the next generation of surfers.

Our goal is simple: to create performance boards of the highest quality, while offering customers exceptional value. They have partnered with neXus Point to produce a wide variety of brand story and video.

Courage My Love designs were born from the desire for active wear that was both hard wearing and beautiful.

In this short brand video Heart Director, Persephone Singfield shares her vision for life; the core philosophies of the company, and how CML promote an increased integration of mind & body in the New Zealand wellness industry. 



Nexus Point worked with Parrot Analytics to showcase their vibrant global culture and inspire new talent to join the New Zealand based tech start-up.

We created a script and a plan over a few weeks, filming on location in Auckand and having a crew capture some content from the Cannes Film Festival in France. 

They loved it‚Ķ Quote from the CEO: ‚ÄúTHIS IS SO AWESOME!! LIKE*AWESOME*!!!!!‚ÄĚ

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