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Together we will gather around the fire of this film project to create a community and network of people who take a stand for a healthy masculine culture, conscious parenting and connection through rites of passage and being in nature. 

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We all have a dream... 

This DREAM started in 2002 with the inception of Tracks; a multiday rite-of-passage 'camp' to initiate young men into their 'adult' life. Jim was one of the visionary founders; Jason the multi-media artist and outreach coordinator capturing the story and sharing on VHS & DVD to 'influencers' around the globe. Pioneers who have helped shaped the 'Mens Movement' we know today. In Jason's story we connect with a golden thread that connects us all.

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'Around the Fire call Sept 2023 - Rites of Passage in Australia and NZ With Dr Arne Rubinstein




Watch this clip to hear Jim speak of his dream. 

This preview shares a 2003 interview with visionary elder and youth passageways director Jim Horton, cut with a poignant imagery from his 2020 memorial. 

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We are following our passion and heartfelt purpose to add our voice to the story of the awakening masculine. 

Co-Director, Father & Son, Jason 'Jay' Horton shares why this film is important right now...

"I've been on a mission to create this film for several years now. To tell this story because it needs to be told. It has gold for todays parents and todays men.

It is also a rite of passage for me, to become present with being a father of teenagers as well as my father's death and his legacy"

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"I am a father, on the edge of how to do this job as best I can, while also growing myself up. My younger son in his mid teens is struggling to find his vision for life and to motivate himself to engage with the world. He has recently stopped with mainstream schooling and I have moved temporarily to live near him in Wellington to support him, which has been huge shift for both of us over the last month.

Fox my oldest, has been through a gender transition over the past few years, becoming an empowered young man.  This was a twist that I never saw coming and it has challenged me in ways I never thought possible. That ‘edge’ has brought growth, and a desire to share these experiences and also learn from others about this. Over the last few years he has become solid in his identity and gender. His story of coming out as my son, that he wasn't my daughter, was part of the reason that the film story was on a hiatus. I didn't know how to be authentic about my journey as a father and his journey as a trans young man. And he wasn't ready to share his story. Now I am and he is, I'm excited to see how we can do that well together. 

My father Jim often spoke of father shadow, we would often come up against the places of his shadow in our relationship, his wishes for me, and me tripping over what I thought he wanted and what I actually wanted. I worry about that too, with my sons. I am starting to see now what he was talking about when he used to share with me his fears of father shadow between us. I really believe deep inside me that learning about this has gifts and I want to share my journey with it with the world.

This project has grown so far beyond my original dream of a short self made video to share the story of the book that Jim wrote and I produced back in 2015.;  ‘Marking Life's Stages’. The film edit is sitting at over an hour long now with parts of the story still to be teased out and our vision is to take it to festivals around the world, to tell this story and create a movement, an impact campaign. To tell a  story that creates change and awakens men to their potential as fathers and as sons."

Nga Mihinui - Jason Horton

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