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Your ongoing monthly support of our project entitles you special access to extended master interviews and group sessions facilitated by Jay Horton and a host of special guests. Offered through the neXus Point community portal.

Please note this is a NZD $50/month recurring subscription with the option to cancel at anytime.

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We have created a 'Pay as You Feel' offer for supporters of the Fathers & Sons documentary film and impact campaign that will be created to support the release.

For you contribution you'll receive:

  • Your name in the Credits;
  • An invite to join Jay and special guests for a live monthly event;
  • Access to a digital download of the film, subject to license rights in your region.

Jay, Rich and the Fathers & Sons team thank you for your support of independent film production. 

If you have a large contribution and would like to benefit with a tax deduction please contact us [email protected] and we can arrange a donation through Give-a-Little.

What People Are Saying:

We have not to venture the journey alone for the heroes of all time have gone before us, we have only to follow the thread of the hero's journey.

Joseph Campbell - American Mythologist